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If Connecticut thought a state law acknowledging Bridgeport resident Gustav Whitehead as the first in flight would put the issue of who flew first to rest, Ohio and.

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Legislature tries to rewrite history and proclaims Bridgeport resident Gustave Whitehead as first in flight.In Connecticut, Wright Brothers No Longer. not to the Wrights but to Gustave Whitehead,.Gustave Whitehead: First flight: purportedly. 1901: Number built: 1: Drawing of No.21 aloft. The Whitehead No.21 was the aircraft that aviation pioneer Gustave.Order Now available in softcover book, 432 pages, with 14 chapters, 192 figures illustrating the text, 842 endnotes, and an index.June 10, 2013 Wright Bros Were Wrong, Gustave Whitehead Was First In Flight.

Beginning in March 2013, a small group of aviation enthusiasts have presented Gustave Whitehead, a.

Although today it is a generally accepted fact that the Wright brothers were the first men to perfect a.

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Connecticut celebrates story of Gustave Whitehead, which Ohio officially repudiates after establishing a truce with North Carolina over the Wright brothers Lawmakers.The Unlikely Fight Over First in Flight. widely considered first in flight.

Join us when author Susan Brinchman visits us from California via Skype to talk about her book, Gustave Whitehead: First.We believe it was Wilbur Wright who did, on the fourth and final attempt, December 17, 1903.Gustave Whitehead was the first to fly a. other claimants to the honor of having made the first flight have claimed that the.

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photo of Gustave Whitehead with his flying machine. (Photo courtesy ...

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When a German immigrant named Gustave Whitehead came to America in 1893, he brought with him an inventor's mind and an insatiable desire to be the first person to fly.

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When it comes to making news, themes such as a major discovery, a lingering mystery or a controversy are sure to grab headlines.

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So do you think Whitehead, making powered flights with a flying machine between 1901-1903 should receive some sort of credit.Gustave Whitehead claimed another pair of successful flights in 1902, these ones even more spectacular than his previous flights.The Bridgeport Bluefish honored aviation pioneer Gustave Whitehead before the game at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport last summer.

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Part 1: Aviation bible says local inventor preceded the Wright brothers Gustave Whitehead credited with being first in flight by influential aviation publication.Boston television interview on Gustave Whitehead with Bridgeport City Historian Mary Witkowski and Bridgeport.

The state doubles down on claims Gustave Whitehead took off two years before the Wright brothers,.Planned Parenthood defund bill cites dentists as reproductive care alternative. Community.

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Long-festering intrigues surface as a group challenges the first-flight claims of the Wright brothers, contending that Gustave Whitehead beat them to the punch.On June 25, 2013, Governor Dan Malloy signed into law House Bill 6671 recognizing Gustave Whitehead as the first person to achieve powered flight.Ed, expert on Gustave Whitehead, is an experienced educator and early aviation researcher with a love of history.Gustave Whitehead was either the first person to fly a powered, heavier than air machine — besting the Wright brothers by more than two years — or a delusional.Author Sue Brinchman and Professor Andy Koch discuss the controversy over who flew first, the Wright brothers or Gustave Whitehead Sunday, Feb. 7, 2 p.m., Lovell Room.